ECP Research Areas

Capable exascale systems will be able to analyze massive volumes of data in less time, and power the advanced models and simulations required for discovering insights and answers to crucial scientific and technology challenges.

Scientific applications for high-performance and data analytic computing impact nearly every corner of research and development, from the physics of star explosions to squeezing the last percent of efficiency out of a jet engine.

Accelerator Physics

Practical economic design of 1 TeV electron-positron high-energy collider with plasma wakefield acceleration.

Advanced Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing process design for qualifiable metal components.


Demystify origin of chemical elements
(> Fe); confirm LIGO gravitational wave and DUNE neutrino signatures.

Carbon Capture and Storage

Scaling carbon capture/storage laboratory designs of multiphase reactors to industrial size.

Chemical Science

Biofuel catalysts design; stress-resistant crops.


Accurate regional impact assessment of climate change.


Design high-efficiency, low-emission combustion engines and gas turbines.


Cosmological probe of standard model (SM) of particle physics: inflation, dark matter, and dark energy.


Safe and efficient use of subsurface for carbon capture and storage, petroleum extraction, geothermal energy, and nuclear waste.

Magnetic Fusion Energy

Predict and guide stable ITER operational performance with an integrated, whole-device model.


Leveraging microbial diversity in metagenomic data sets for new products and life-forms.

Nuclear Energy

Accelerate design and commercialization of next-generation small modular reactors.

Nuclear Materials

Simulations that fully exploit exascale can solve key problems in fission and fusion materials.

Nuclear Physics

QCD-based elucidation of fundamental laws of nature: SM validation and beyond SM discoveries.

Power Grid

Reliably and efficiently planning our nation’s grid for societal drivers: rapidly increasing renewable energy penetration and more active consumers.

Precision Medicine for Cancer

Accelerate and translate cancer research in RAS pathways, drug responses, and treatment strategies.


Reliable earthquake hazard and risk assessment in relevant frequency ranges.

Urban Systems Science

Retrofit and improve urban districts with new technologies, knowledge, and tools.

Wind Energy

Increase efficiency and reduce cost of turbine wind plants sited in complex terrains.

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